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Written by vWork
on January 17, 2019

How workforce management software can digitally transform your business

Whether you’re still paper-based, or you’re working to patch up old software that no longer works the way it should, your business (like your sanity) is likely suffering.

Digital transformation sounds like a buzzword reserved for huge enterprises with budget to burn. But there are systems fit for businesses of all sizes that will give you a fast return on investment. Cloud-based options are making technology accessible to more and more businesses, which means there have been huge adoption rates across every sector imaginable. 

If you’ve not embraced the latest tech yet, you could be falling behind in your customer service, productivity and profitability. 

In this blog, we discuss how workforce management software can digitally transform your business and what that means for you.

Be more accessible to your customers

Giving your customers a personal portal that they can access anywhere at any time means you can offer a 24/7 service without running a 24/7 call centre. 

Digital transformation breaks down the barriers between you and your customers. With the right system, you’ll give them:
  • Job status alerts in real time
  • Simplified online booking options
  • Easy access to files, documents and resources around the clock
  • Accurate arrival and delivery ETAs in real-time
  • Advanced tracking means accurate work.
  • Enable more advanced tracking for more accurate work

Ever sent the wrong workers to a job? Or to the wrong place? How about to the right people to the right place but they arrived so late you lost your profit margin? Or worse still, a precious customer? 

In this age of GPS tracking, mobile devices and real-time traffic information, customers expect timely, accurate work more than ever before. You don’t have to be a corporate giant like Amazon to have the tech in place to deliver a high-quality service. Workforce management software helps businesses avoid costly mistakes and impress their customers instead.

Optimising assets and increasing productivity

If your business relies on fleet, tools or any other valuable assets to get your work done, it's essential that you have good visibility and control over your operations. Having vehicles breakdown because they missed a service (or failed to maintain tools) creates havoc with your work schedule. Not to mention the hefty cost of repairing avoidable damage to equipment - and your reputation.

Instead of messy calendars, or relying on one person to manage your assets, workforce management software alerts you to scheduled maintenance appointments. 

When your equipment is in good shape, you reduce the risk of idle time while breakdown trucks go to rescue your workers at the roadside. And you won’t be left struggling to find another team to make good on your contracts because your dispatch team can see where everyone (and every asset) is at all times. If there are other workers and assets available, you’ll know immediately, and be able to deploy them at a moment’s notice.

Better insight into advanced metrics

Making business decisions without metrics is impossible. When you have the right data, it still takes time to gather and process it into reporting you can use. If you’re still relying on paper-based job details, phone calls being passed from field workers to the back office, there’s too much room for error and delay. 

Workforce management software gathers accurate right data in less time so that you can:
  • Improve accuracy by removing human error
  • Set up automated reports customised to your requirements
  • Reduce the time you spend compiling reports
  • Identify trends, missed opportunities and revenue leakage.
  • Workforce management software users have seen efficiency improve by 20 per cent. All because they have better access to more accurate data in less time. Leaving more time for you to make business decisions and for your workers to focus on their primary duties (getting the jobs done).

If you’re keen to keep ahead of the competition, you need to embrace the change that’ll drive your business forward. That means having happier customers, better financials and a streamlined workforce. 

See how field management software can drive business growth

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