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Written by vWork
on November 19, 2018

Using workforce management software for open space businesses

Keeping up with the latest technology is just another item floating somewhere at the bottom of an increasingly hectic to-do list. But what if it could be the key to fixing all those other business challenges and daily disruptions that your schedule is swallowed by?

Workforce management software automates processes, helping open spaces business managers to:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Optimise resource management
  • Get real-time visibility into what’s happening in the field
  • Free your time to focus on business growth
  • Get more jobs done, get more jobs right

In this blog, we show you how.

Increase productivity

Open spaces management businesses are labour intensive. When you have a variety of skill levels in your workforce, you need to make sure the right people go to the right jobs. If you use contractors as well as a core team, you need to be sure that everyone is being sent to the jobs where they can deliver the most value.

You also want to be ready to reschedule and deploy teams when schedules change. If a job gets finished earlier than expected, you can dispatch people and tools to nearby jobs. If you have a customer with a last-minute request, you can see at-a-glance how fast you can get them booked in.

Increase sales: Who spends the most time in front of your customers? In open spaces management, it’s not usually your salespeople that get the most face-to-face time. It’s your field workers.

With a mobile workforce management app, you can give your field workers the tools to book in repeating jobs, up-sell and give accurate quotes while they're out onsite. Everything from marketing assets to price lists and terms can be accessed in the field. You can even set up a self-service option for customers via a portal accessed on their own devices.

Optimising your assets

Ever had your team turn up to a job with the wrong tools? Or had fleet members sitting idle between customers? Your equipment, vehicles and parts and worker's time costs the business money. When they aren’t onsite at the right time, they aren’t giving you a return on investment. Worse still, your business won’t look professional in the eyes of customers when they see you’ve made a mistake. Especially when it causes a delay to their service.

Workforce management software helps you manage the fleet, maintenance, scheduled services and asset tracking. You’ll always know where your equipment is and be sure you have the right tools on the job.

See your processes in action

Feeling like you don’t have the full picture of how your business works is disconcerting. In open spaces management, you have people, assets and customers spread out and constantly moving. When you don’t know exactly what’s happening, you’re working blind. As a manager, you need visibility if you want to improve and grow. Workforce Management Software can give you the reporting you need, specific to your organisation. Fuelling smarter business decisions and empowering you to exceed business goals.

vWork has inbuilt Health and Safety components:

You need to know that your people are safe and adhering to regulatory compliance. Health and Safety is especially difficult to monitor in any business where work takes place away from senior management.

Events: Record accidents and incidents as they happen. Set up custom alerts and reports to ensure the correct procedures are followed.

Hazards: If a worker sees a hazard onsite, how do they spread the word to the right employees? With vWork, you'll ensure that staff record, report and circulate up-to-date risk management data.

Tags: When staff handle machinery or chemicals that they aren’t trained for, they put themselves and others at risk. You can help avoid this by applying tags to each staff member. This way, dispatch will always know who is qualified to conduct any task.

Enable business growth

Any tools that help you improve efficiency across the organisation can help you grow. Workforce Management Software brings multiple productivity and reporting tools into one user-friendly system. By boosting the effectiveness of each staff member, asset and sales opportunity, you can take on more customers without increasing headcount first.

Get more detail on how Workforce Management Software can improve your open spaces business in our free eBook.

If it's happening out there, you can streamline the process in there

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