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Job dispatch and scheduling software - we're the last-mile delivery specialists

 vWork  gets the right delivery (or service), to the right place, at the right time - every time.

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vWork transforms the way the world delivers

Research tells us accurate, on time delivery matters more than ever to your customers 

Whether you are delivering concrete, perishable goods or landscapers - accuracy of your last mile delivery has never mattered more. If customers don't get what they ordered, where they want it, at the time you promised (and you can prove it) - all the brilliant work you've done to that point won't matter. But it doesn't require you to change how you work or a massive digital project - it just takes a simple app - vWork.

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vWork in numbers

6,000+ active users

Over 400,000 jobs dispatched each month

Customers in10 countries

vWork is mobile first - giving real time visibility of what is happening, where and when - in the field and back in the office.

Three-way SMS between dispatch, driver, and customer - keeps everybody informed, in real time, every step of the way.

Proof-of-delivery that is time stamped and auditable - visual proof you delivered exactly where and when you said you would.

Template driven software – lets you configure vWork so it works the way you do - ensuring fast set up and onboarding

Real time invoicing integrated into your accounts - minimizes handling errors and speeds up payments

Set up for success with a dedicated vWork onboarding and  account manager - we are with you every step of the way

vWork: last-mile delivery in action

See for yourself how the vWork app seamlessly integrates into your job scheduling world to deliver real efficiency, for less cost - while delighting your drivers, workers and customers alike! It is the perfect solution for fleets of 15+ for whom delivery drives the bottom line (or you simply want to deliver an excellent experience to your customers). 


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Free guide to surviving the Global Driver Shortage

The current driver shortage is not going away. So we've taken a look at  how you can use technology to get the most from your existing driving force.

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What our clients say.

“Using vWork, we are absolutely using the best solution for our needs…our customer experience is unparalleled during the final step of our online delivery journey - and this is a win for us every day."

Simon Kennedy, Chief Digital Officer, Foodstuffs North Island (Supermarkets)
60,000 jobs/month


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