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Executive Summary

Established in New Zealand in 1992, First Assistance is a multi-national company that specialises in a range of travel and medical assistance, automotive assistance, property and claims assistance and more...

First Assistance is a leading provider of assistance products - working with clients around the world and around the clock to provide a seamless link between them and their customers. Their core business is built around an On Demand model: helping customers in times of need, taking calls from all over the world, 24/7 without prior booking or notification.


Prior to using vWork they used their own proprietary software utilizing a single platform PDA, but it was not transferable without a full rebuild. As a consequence they recognized the need to replace their automatic job dispatching system. The limitations to their previous system reached critical point and so they made the decision to find a new solution quickly to avoid shutdown of their platform.

This business model meant they needed to find On Demand mobile service platform to help them provide real-time assistance to customers as and when they needed it, utilizing a network of providers to fulfil customers' needs.

Don Rubie, National Network Manager shared his journey searching, sourcing and implementing vWork as their On Demand job scheduling and dispatching platform.

They considered a range of options including rewriting their existing software: Blackbay and another software as a service product, Synchroteam were among them. In the end they made the decision to go with vWork because of the access to the API, the cost distribution model and the handset profile.

Reducing the length of calls means more calls can be handled in the same time frame, improving their level of service and increasing customer satisfaction – critical for long term loyalty and retention.

Key results

As our business is On Demand, built around taking customer calls; this is a great outcome.

We are getting through calls much faster and efficiently which is great for our customers!

It was easy to train staff; vWork is very intuitive to use.

The reliability has been excellent.

vWork team provide fantastic support and new functionality is added to the product often.

vWork has helped us achieve our business goals through increased efficiency.

The key criteria they had in mind were:

  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Multi-platform
  • Upgradeable

"It was easy to get started with vWork, full custom integration in 8 weeks! vWork has helped us overcome our previous challenges by providing reliable, intuitive, feature rich and well developed software. Our workers are finding it easy to use, intuitive."


An automatic dispatching system is crucial for our business. Customer calls for assistance can be handled in one third of the time compared to a manual dispatch method.

Don Rubie
National Network Manager

vWork is a very easy product to implement and has proven to be a very reliable solution that is easily customized.

Don Rubie
National Network Manager